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Ex-Nazi officer sues UK over ‘torture’


A former Nazi officer has demanded compensation from the UK over the torture he suffered at the hands of British intelligence 67 years ago.

Gerhard Menzel, 89, claims he was arrested 1946 in Hamburg on suspicion of being a Communist spy and was sent on to a British-run jail in Bad Nenndorf.

According to Mr. Menzel, he was tortured for up to 16 days by British interrogators who he said used “Gestapo methods” against him.

Between June 1945 and July 1947, British intelligence was operating in Germany, questioning soldiers and SS officers, Hitler’s associates and suspected Communists.

During that time, the Bad Nenndorf prison held over 400 inmates, including 44 women. Some of them committed suicide or died of hunger.

In 1948, several Bad Nenndorf officers were brought before a court-martial after Scotland Yard conducted an inquiry into abuse of war prisoners.

Voice of Russia, RIA